Monday, February 21, 2005


And, no…I’m not talking about J. Lo’s movie from a couple years back. It’s this damned rain (yes, the rain I said I loved so much). But, really. A gazillion inches over the weekend? Is that fair? And did we really need to add wind to the equation?

Maybe Arnold can do something. Hey, Mr. Guvinator. Can’t you beam some sort of laser into the clouds? We’re drowning down here. Even the ducks are stumbling around looking confused and bewildered.

But, um, could you leave the new lakes? I really like those two on the way to work. Feels like I’m driving through Minnesota. I think the one on the east side of the freeway used to be a riding ring. Man, it’s so big, you could water ski across it! (Uh-huh, I know what you’re thinking…boating revenue!) And the one on the other side? That dreary-looking farmland? Hell, we’ve got plenty of room to grow lettuce somewhere else, don’t we? How about offering these guys a subsidy? Huh, Guv? Whaddya think?

Oh, and don’t forget. NO MORE RAIN.


John said...

California has stolen our weather. You had more rain today than we have had this month. And will have, too, as there is no more rain planned for here until March.

John said...

PS: In Enough, my wife's flower rack is shown at the store where they stopped to make a phone call. They requsitioned it and painted it gray. The great lakes ferry terminal is actually in Port Townsend, with the mill my father used to work in appearing in the background.