Saturday, February 12, 2005

Saturday Potpourri

Tip for the chronically single: Ladies, you’re not Bo Derek. Men, you are Dudley Moore. So get over it, and quit waiting for someone better looking, more educated, and wealthier to come along. (For you youngsters who haven’t seen the movie “10”, substitute Christina Applegate and David Faustino for the above names.) More on this subject at a later date.

Caught Sharon Tay in her new gig at MSNBC this morning, and I have some career advice: go back to the Morning Show at KTLA, Sharon, where they didn’t make you read the news so much. Either that, or learn to put the inflection in the right places. That way, instead of that incredulous shriek at the end of “Arthur Miller was married to Marilyn Monroe?” you would simply state, “Arthur Miller was married to Marilyn Monroe.” Similarly, you wouldn’t say, “Arthur Miller was 33.” That simply gives the wrong impression since we all know he was ancient when he died. So, say it with me Sharon, all in one breath: “Arthur Miller was 33 when he wrote Death of a Salesman.” Now, doesn’t that make more sense? Good. Hope you didn’t sell your home in L.A.

Apology of the Week—Kenyan Justice Minister Kiraitu Murungi was forced to apologize this week for a comment he made regarding the suspension of international aid by leaders worried about corruption. The esteemed Justice, claiming his country was being penalized for something it was already handling, said it was “like raping a woman who is already willing.” Apology not accepted, Mr. Murungi.

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Brooke said...

Oh my gosh, Randy. I am laughing so hard! What a great way to start this dreary Saturday (I am one of those people who hates rain because I am one of those people who has roof-problems!)

Thanks for the nice wake-up!