Friday, February 18, 2005

Who Says Commitment Doesn't Exist in L.A.?

At this very moment, outside the window of my office in the middle of an industrial park, I’m witnessing true love. The guy is gorgeous, the gal a bit plain (so you know right off, he’s got more depth than the typical Californian). In fact, I don’t think they’re from around here, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Although they’re standing about six feet apart, something in their body language oozes devotion. He has a protective air about him, and she doesn’t seem to mind. Their roles are obviously differentiated along gender lines. Both appear to like it that way.

I’ve seen them twice before. Each time, they stayed only briefly, but I guess they felt comfortable enough to return. It’s always nice to see they’re still together.

Last time, I got a chance to see them with their kids. All eight of them. So young and fresh, they still had trouble climbing the curb when Mom marched them away. I caught a shot of them which I've posted below (Dad hovered nearby in a tree, on constant watch just in case.)

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John said...

Very sweet post, but how do they survive in a parking lot?

randy said...

Hmm...very precariously. The worst is the annual trek to the "river" which is about 1/2 mile away. When I see them leave for the year, I have to run out and block traffic while they cross the street.

Manic Mom said...


Brooke said...

They are just adorable!!!