Friday, February 25, 2005

Paging Fred Durst

Beep. Hi, Fred. Randy here. Remember me? Sunday brunches at La Paz in Calabasas? (Hey, sorry again for wondering what a skanky looking dude like you was doing with that gorgeous model—how was I to know about Limp Bizkit?) Anyway, buzz me back, okay? I need to know where to put the phone when I’m shooting my sex video. Like, do I put it on a chair, or something? Or, do I get a third party to hold it real close? So far, I’ve only snapped pix of the LA Biltmore, and I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna get me splashed across the Internet.

Oh, one more question. Out of curiosity, does your T-Mobile work better than a videocam? (I am so techno-challenged!)

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