Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mark Your Calendar And Save Your Pennies

Only 60 more shopping days till 43-year old Mary Kay Letourneau weds her 22-year old, er, boyfriend, Vili Fuallaau. Gee, aside from the chance to change her name to Mary Kay Letourneau Fuallaau, this young man must really have it going on. They say women tend to marry men like their fathers, but I once took a college class from Mary Kay’s pops, and guess what? That theory ain’t operating here.

So trot yourself over to the local mall, because I hear the lovely couple’s registered at Macy’s. A nice toaster oven, perhaps?

1 comment:

John said...

Don't pick on Mary Lou; she is a state treasure.

Some of my co-workers had the pleasure of meeting her in prison. Said she had about as nasty a personality as could exist. However, she certainly made the place interesting, just from all the hype.