Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another Windfall!

The checkout clerk reads my receipt and says, “Congratulations, you won.”

Right, I say to myself. What’d I win? Twenty cents off on my next purchase of new and improved Tide Detergent? Or, better…something I wouldn’t use in a million years, like a box of Pampers?

She hands me a sheaf of papers. “These are two movie tickets. It says they’re for ICE AGE The Meltdown but I think you can use them for any movie. Just go to the website.”

I can’t help thinking she must be mistaken—that they truly ARE for this kiddie movie emblazoned on the tickets. Cuz that would be the catch, wouldn’t it? I mean, surely THEY (the mysterious THEY) have been tracking my purchases so THEY must know I’ve got zero interest in cartoons, free or not.

As I walk to the car, I’m already figuring out who I’ll give them to.

But when I got home, I examined them further. Hey, the clerk was right! It says they can be used for ANY movie. I figure at today’s prices, two movie tickets are worth…what…$100 bucks? Well, close to it anyway…

In 1983, a friend gave me two free passes to Disneyland that I haven’t used yet. Just think how much they’ve appreciated! Hell, holding on to THOSE was probably a wiser investment than buying stock in GM.

Hmmm…think I’ll hold on to those movie tickets. They'll make a nice addition to the asset column of my balance sheet.

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