Thursday, March 09, 2006

Road Trip

Proof positive you can steer with the left and take video with the right while driving 75 miles an hour through the Nevada desert.

I shoulda stopped her right here, huh? I mean, who better than a spinster like myself? I coulda pulled her aside, extolled the virtues of lifelong bachelorettedom, and urged her to think twice about signing up for the fifty-year stint of picking dirty sox up off the floor...not to mention closing toilet seats.

But, nah. I didn't have the heart. Besides, Shelly and Jamie are too cute a couple. They just might make the wedded bliss thing work. Sigh. Another one bites the dust.

At least there's a bonus like gaining a new niece and nephew like Ava and Ren

Pretty, huh? The wedding took place as we sailed down the Colorado River--that's Harrah's in the background.

And in case you're wondering why I included this among the wedding pictures...Well, I had to. I just did. That, dear friends, is the IRON Marty packs when he travels. Complete with the box it came in. Let me just point out, this photo doesn't do it justice. I mean, it's nearly TWICE the size of my normal, everyday iron at home.

Men are weird, aren't they?

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