Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just Another Lesson In Life

I’d pay a lot of money to evict a certain woman from my life. She’s just so damned mean. Hurts me all the time without even feeling guilty.

I’m referring, of course, to my dentist.

Why, why, why, didn't I floss regularly? Why, why, why, didn't I do the twice yearly thing? After this morning's visit, her parting words (as she handed me the root canal guy’s card): “Just in case that tooth starts to throb. You don’t wanna go through the weekend that way.”

(Note to self: call mechanic, make appointment for car service; call gyno, make appointment for annual exam and mammo; call internist, make appointment for cholesterol panel.)

Are you sensing a pattern here?

Yep, I have a thing about maintenance, don’t I? You should see my garage. Well, no. You shouldn’t.

When, do you suppose, is the last time I defragged my computer? Right.

When, do you suppose, is the last time I cleaned out my refrigerator? Right.

No wonder I haven’t jumped on the over-50 cosmetic surgery bandwagon. More maintenance!

Too bad you can’t do one of those prepaid service agreements on your life.

{Throb, throb}

P.S. Just kidding about the dentist. She's adorable, and going to her office is like a good gossip fest except the pain is physical instead of mental.

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