Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Finishing Up Rosarito

Before we move on to the entire Laughlin trip (I can hear my dad groaning now--if he were reading this--"Not more vacation pictures!")...here's a round-up of some pix of Rosarito I'd either misplaced or forgotten. Ooops!

For this one, I zoomed in from seven floors up with my
videocam, then pulled it off the tape so it's a little blurry. Watching this guy look for clams? crabs? mussels? kept us riveted for quite some time. Plus, when the tide came in, this area was totally under water. Very cool.

To the right is the shot of the jacuzzi I thought I'd lost. See what I mean about it hanging over the edge of the cliff? It faces up the coast toward the Rosarito Beach Hotel and at night the lights are pretty. As you might imagine, it's also verrrrry romantic...unless you're with three girlfriends...three OLD girlfriends...ah, well. Nothing's ever perfect, right? At least we had cocktails with which to indulge. Oh, and that nice couple whose romantic tryst we interrupted...sometimes ya gotta depend on living vicariously through others....

So the picture to the left makes it seem like we had it all together going home, doesn't it? Well, looks can be deceiving. Somehow we missed the turn at the San Ysidro border, and it's a lot easier to just keep going then to backtrack, so we opted for the lesser-used Otay Mesa crossing--if we could find it. Yes, those signs look like U.S. signs but they just don't WORK like 'em. In Mexico, locating your destination is more like stumbling across it than anything else. At one point we followed a sign that clearly indicated (in our minds) that turning left would lead us to San Diego. Well, turning left led us right into a giant mini-mall (which may seem like an oxymoron but I promise is an apt description).

Yay! This one looks promising!! (I think it was moments later that we visited the mini-mall.) Anyway, eventually we made it to the border. Check out the pic below. Not even LOOKING for Al Qaeda types.

Ahhhh...Welcome to the US of A. Home Sweet Home.

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John said...

Thanks for letting your blog groupies live vicariously through your vacation exploits.