Saturday, April 08, 2006

Amy Gets A Nibble

TWO nibbles, actually. We’re talking Stealing Amy here. As in my second manuscript.

Now, how often have I had two requests in 24 hours? Um….never?

Don’t wanna go into specifics (I’m superstitious in my old age) but one’s for a partial and the other’s for a full. And here's a really fun part of the writing biz: now I have to drag all my focus off Leftovers and agonize over making sure ONE LAST TIME that Amy’s perfect enough to send out into the world.

First, I looked for the latest version on my computer. Fine. There it was. At least, I was pretty sure it was. Then I scrolled down to the ending and saw a bunch of places where I had: INSERT SPANISH HERE. Crap. Not the latest version. THAT sucker was on the computer at my office.

Drive to office.

Okay, cool. Find the Spanish parts, this must be the absolute final version. No, wait. What about those contest entries? Were those before or after the “final version?” Gack. And wait a minute. Didn’t I go through the entire manuscript and put the little squiggly mark over the ‘n’ in all the senors and senoritas? What happened to THAT version?

Are you beginning to understand why my garage needs cleaning?

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John said...

After reading your blog, I counted my saved versions of Runners, and came up with about 200. I now date the most recent version as I save it, to remind me what is now in the past. Can't seem to delete them, though. Good thing computers have a zillion gigs of memory.