Thursday, April 27, 2006

Smoky The Bear Pays A Visit

The last time I saw a real live bear close up and personal, let's say about 45 years ago. And that was in Yellowstone National Park.

Today there's one practically in my backyard! People, I live 20 minutes from downtown L.A.!! Well, okay. That's if you drive the freeway at 2 in the morning, but hardly expects the local HIGH SCHOOL to be under lockdown because of...a BEAR. (Bomb scares, yes, but not a friggin' wild animal.)

Click here to watch the video. Isn't he cute??? Officials are trying to get close enough for the big bad tranquilizer dart. I wish they'd just shoo him off to my patio. I think he'd make a very nice pet.

P.S. Hey, just because I posted twice today is no excuse for getting confused and forgetting to read the post below. 'Specially 'cuz it's an important one.

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