Friday, April 28, 2006

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch, er, Keyboard

The name of the game is to keep up with writing, writing, writing. So, on that score, the news on Leftovers is that it’s going well. In fact, I’ve reached the point where scenes are starting to come easy. Yeah, right. Not easy, exactly. Writing is never easy (at least not for me), but the content of the scene is coming more quickly. And I mapped out a bunch of stuff that needs to happen that I didn’t have a handle on before. Yep, that’s where the spreadsheet comes in handy (I love being anal about writing since I’m not in any other phase of my life—stop snickering Blogreader Joe). Anyway, I was brainstorming the other night (in my favorite place, the bathtub—where else?) and I came up with about four pivotal scenes…I just didn’t know which order they had to happen in. That’s what the spreadsheet is for! I typed them in, ranked them sequentially, hit sort, and voila. I’m pretty happy with it.

And finally, I *think* I know what the long-buried secret between the stepsisters is. Ha, you’d figure we writers know this crap before we start, huh? Well, some do, but not me. I’ve been wondering all along, especially since I’ve dropped hints about the big lie. (What big lie? Is there a big lie? Shouldn’t I, the author, know what the big lie is??? Nope, sometimes you just have to wait for it to reveal itself. Last night—again, I *think*-- it did).

So, rolling along. Past the halfway point on this particular opus. Praying the writing will pick up speed now that plot threads are coming together. Also praying I don’t stumble over anything that’ll cause a major rewrite of earlier scenes.

I truly believe this is the best book I’ve written—and the most commercial with the widest appeal.

But then what do I know??

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