Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Marketing 101

So it’s time to come up with a serious author website. Y’know, as opposed to that non-serious one I designed in the space of an hour one night when I was really bored.

And I got to stressing about how to market myself since, after all, I managed to get through an MBA program without taking ONE marketing class. So I looked at the two manuscripts I’ve written (plus the two that are half-done) and I saw the one thing they have in common:


Fit For Love—a fitness resort in the gorgeous Santa Ynez Valley
Stealing Amy--an exclusive beachside resort south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Sierra’s Last Song—an artist retreat in the Malibu mountains
Leftovers—seaside town in southern California

Wow, not an office cubicle in the bunch, huh? Nor a real city, urban or rural.

Hmm. Escape…explore…

Then I got to thinking about what I’d write in my author bio. Y’know, besides the fact that I’ve been writing ever since I could hold a pen, and all the other bs people include. How about where my ideas come from? That is, if I knew the answer.

But, wait! I DO know! (Truly, I didn’t realize this until last night.) My ideas come from wanting to share the vast store of knowledge I’ve gained from being a woman on the planet for 52 years. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I see my friends shaking their heads. Keep the snarky comments to yourself, okay?) Anyway, the most enjoyable part of the writing process (for me) is in creating a heroine who’s got something to learn that I can teach her. Once I know what that is, it’s only a matter of coming up with the right plot to illustrate the lesson. (Man, does that sound pompous, or what?)

So, let’s recap.

Physical journeys
Spiritual journeys

Do I see a website theme??

So glad I skipped the marketing class.


John said...

Your job may be in an office, but your life seems to have been at nicer locations, at the dreams part. Still, regardless of the locations, you write (I think about love overcoming odds and living happily ever after, or at least until they turn 40.

John said...

I forgot the word least betwen at and the, and a closing ) after think. Need an editor for blogs.