Thursday, April 06, 2006

If I Absolutely Must...

Blogreader Joe griped about my spotty blogging of late.

Hey, I try not to give y’all any more of the useless, mundane aspects of my life than I think you can handle. I mean, sure, today’s topic could be “Things That Currently Suck” but I try to be a bright spot in the blogosphere, y’know?

Oh, hell. Why not? Here’s a list (in random order):

1. Business
2. Taxes
3. The weather
4. My health
5. The American Airlines AAdvantage System
6. My love life
7. My aging face
8. My sagging body
9. My writing
10. My gym attendance

Wow. I feel much better now. I came, I went, I blogged.

The good news is, I’ve lost ten pounds. Oh, and I booked a cruise for late May. So aside from 1 through 10, I’m not really complaining.


Rico said...

You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your
direction overnight.

John said...

Is blogreader Joe the guy who used to help you out on some of the above?

randy said...

John...what the hell does that mean? Oh, I get it. I think the answer is yes/no.

John said...

Now that I read it again and your comment, my entry didn't come out exactly as I thought it would. I was actually thinking of the taxes, and how you once mentioned you missed being helped with stuff. Sorry about that.

randy said...

Hey, this girl does her taxes all by herself! truth, my brother gives me some of the figures. And I make up some of the ones for the State (shh...don't tell). Okay, just kidding. Only hope they don't ever check real carefully on some of my depreciation figures. Y'all know I'm no good with math. You think I know how to do depreciation? Bwahahahahahaa.