Saturday, April 15, 2006

Picks and Picks (as in not Pans)

Okay, so I know I’m uber-late to the party, but geez, you guys. The Da Vinci Code? Amazing! Fascinating! Granted, I’m like a brand new sponge, just out of the cellophane, when it comes to religion and history, but, I mean, wow. Words fail. Makes me wanna bone up on…say, a couple thousand years worth of history, art, and music. Can’t wait to see what they do with the movie.

Also saw Crash this morning. Yeah, eight o’clock in the morning, drizzling outside, I’m still in bed and I say, what better way to wake up? Again, amazing. Say what you will (and I gather some have disagreed) this movie tells the truth in a way I haven’t seen before. To top it off, it made me cry…three times. And not in the usual puppydog-gets-run-over-by-a-car kinda scene. That’s what made this film unique. Every time I said to myself, “Oh, I see where this is going” it absolutely veered in another direction. Brilliant.

And that concludes the Arts and Entertainment section of my blog for the week. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…which means (you guessed it!) the mundane and trivial accounting of my day-to-day life.

Oh, wait…in unrelated A&E news, I discovered my favorite songstress, Lara Fabian, is doing a concert in Quebec this June. (I wanna go! I wanna go!) So, I scurried over to the American Airlines website and confirmed I could get roundtrip tickets with my FF miles. Argh. Had I known, I would have bypassed the upcoming cruise and spent a week in Quebec. Dare I go for a quick four-day weekend?

Stay tuned.

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