Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Lucky numbers? Nope. Just the route I took to Big Bear on Friday. There would’ve been a 330 in there too, but the road was closed for rehabilitation (which put an odd mental picture in my mind). So, according to Mapquest this particular journey gobbled up 147 miles and approximately 2-1/2 hours. Hm. Approximately. Going by Dictionary.com's second definition, we have: "nearly exact; not perfectly accurate or correct." Let's just say it took FOUR FRIGGIN' hours. One hour ALONE on a two-lane mountain road.

Oh well. The drive was worth it. Here's the lovely
place we stayed. You can bet we never stepped
foot on the tennis court, of course. In fact, the most
exercise we got was from walking up and down stairs.
And here I'd pictured us hiking or something.
Ha! What was I thinking?? By the way, that guy on the left is the cutest male we saw all weekend. Well, not counting the 6 foot tall bunny riding shotgun in the motorhome who, as he drove past, used a PA system to inquire if we'd ever thought about having sex with a rabbit....? Um, no.
Saw lots of these, too. Lots and lots of expensive bikes. I particularly like the way they zoom around hairpin curves tilting almost parallel to the road. You know, those folks--what my friend Marty calls 'organ donors'? All right, geesh. Give a me a break. Some of my best friends ride bikes--oh, wait. This particular friend recently BEGGED me to never mention her in my blog. Forget I said anything.

There's Juli and I at a place called Boo's Bear Inn (or something like that.) Please note that instead of ordering the PATTY MELT AND FRIES (which I was DYING FOR) I opted for a modest chef salad--dressing on the side. (Whine, whine)

On my way home, I made my own stab at organ donor status by snapping pics out the window as I drove. Here's some sad evidence of last year's fire. Then I tried to get a sense of the steep drop over the side (I was at about 7,000 feet) but alas, my photo taking skills lessen by comparison with those of my driving . Last, but not least, is Rim Of The World High School (aptly named)--my step-bro's alma mater.

Oh, and P.S...getting those new brakes the other day was an inspired idea!

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