Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Bad

Got to thinking and realized I neglected to describe the place we stayed in Rosarito. It's a small (26 units I believe) building just south of Rosarito Beach in the "furniture" neighborhood (which means the streets are lined with joints selling all manor of tile, sculpture, ceramics, etc.). Anyway, it's called Las Olas ("The Waves") and as y'all recall, I rented a 3-bedroom/3 bath condo there last March; this time it was a 2-bedroom/2 bath. All the units are decorated and furnished with top-notch appliances and amenities, and everything you could need in a kitchen (ya know, like especially a blender). The staff and security are friendly and helpful; and the entire place is totally secure with a big ol' wrought iron gate and 24-hour guard. I love the intimacy and serenity of Las Olas--no underage American partiers to mar your peaceful, if you're interested, go here for more pics and info...and be sure to tell Rich I said, "hola."

Infinity Pool At Las Olas


John said...

I don't think rubbing it in on how cool the place is falls under "My Bad."

elev8 said...

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