Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Backstretch

Could it be?? Could I really be headed for home??

Wouldn’t think so since I threatened to abandon Leftovers altogether just a couple of posts ago. And I was serious about that, folks. I was ready to throw in the towel and start something new. Something fun to write for a change.

Then I muddled through that SCENE−or as we in the romance biz call it, THE BLACK MOMENT−and now things seem to be falling together nicely again. I’ve written seven pages in the last couple of days.

Better yet…oh, wait. First I have to point out that standard manuscript formatting requires doublespacing, but I prefer to keep it to single while I’m writing. So occasionally, I stop and reformat to see what I actually have in terms of wordcount and pages.

Well, hallelujah! I have a book! Yep, the sucker translates to approximately 70,000 words at the moment−enough for some houses, though not all. So then I started mentally calculating what I *think* it’ll come in at and I realized….whoaaaa….while I wasn’t looking I somehow got near the end! I mean, about ten more scenes−maybe 15,000 words should do it. (Please note, I ALWAYS underestimate my scenes−but in this case, that’d be okay since I’m probably gonna hack out a lot of the first two chapters.)

Anyway…I’m majorly stoked.

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