Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Did It Work??

Gee…kinda. ..I guess…maybe…

I ended up writing two versions of tri-part dialogue, each with a very different tone (which I suppose was revealing...?). In the first one, Angie (the step-sister) came off as an arrogant bitch. That seemed cliché and boring. In the second try, I made her sly and manipulative.

Writing without surrounding the spoken words with gestures, facial expressions, and internal thoughts didn’t feel comfortable at all, so I’m not sure the exercise is something I’ll adopt on a full time basis.

I DID get through the scene. It’s not great, mind you. Needs a lot of polishing and−je ne sais quoi−more zip maybe. Yeah, definitely more zip.

But it’s better than giving up…something I considered a bazillion times this weekend. (Huge sigh.) Don’t ever let anyone tell you good writing takes talent. I swear. It’s more about the mental blood, sweat, and tears.

By the way, anyone notice my latest foray into blog interference? I copied some code, managed to figure out where to put it, and voila. Now you can click on my publisher’s name (beneath Stealing Amy’s cover) to go directly to their website. Next thing you know, I’ll figure out how to take you right to PayPal.


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