Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Holy Epiphany, Batman!

Just when I really, really, think I'm gonna have to shelve Leftovers--y'know, stash a year's worth of writing under the bed until I'm old and gray (well, just gray since I'm already old)--a light bulb goes off.

Or, maybe the Muse showed up. (Wait, I don't believe in 'em, remember?)

Anyway, the words started to flow again...better yet, the ideas started to flow. And suddenly, I knew how to end it. The story that is, not the words and ideas. Well, of course, I knew the ending a long time ago, but not exactly how to get there.

Now, I do.

At least for tonight, I do.

Does that ever happen to you? A burst of brilliance sears your brain...you get all excited about FINALLY finding the answer, then wooooosh! Something gets lost in the execution, and the whole damn bubble deflates.

Not this time (she said with determination). This time I'm gonna MAKE it work. 'Cuz see, along with the inspiration, I saw very clearly that this book is so close to being finished, I'd be a fool to quit now.

Who cares if the market for chick lit is dead? (It's not really chick lit, anyway.) Who cares if the market for mom lit is dead? (Hm...not that, either). Who cares if no one's buying stuff written in first person? (Uh-oh.)

Humorous women's fiction anyone?

Sometimes they say you have to step back from a work-in-process (progress?). Get some perspective. Well, I did that (thanks to weeks spent editing Stealing Amy) and when I finally got back to writing new stuff on Leftovers, I read over the last scene and decided the whole thing was utter crapola. Big doo-doo.

Then, tonight (post-epiphany) I read it again.

Hm. Not bad. Not bad at all, in fact.

So, it's back to the drawing board. I WILL FINISH LEFTOVERS. I WILL FINISH LEFTOVERS.

Now...dare I...dare I make a commitment here? Oh, what the hell....let's say...um...I promise to type THE END three weeks from today.

Omigod. Can I backspace and delete? Nah...let's go for it, huh?

Besides...NaNoWriMo is only a month away...and I've got BIG plans for a new headache, er, masterpiece.

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Brooke said...

I've often wished I owned a recorder so I could dictate these beautiful scenes filled with beautiful prose into it and then just transcribe those terrifc words onto the page without thinking. Hey wait! I DO own a recorder! Eh, eh, eh...best laid plans...