Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why Are My Photos Blurry???

I still don't seem to be gettin' the hang of taking digital photos...I mean, this doesn't look too clear, does it? Oh, well...more consulting is necessary, apparently. Anyway...without further ado..from left to right, back row:

Keith (old, old friend of groom-to-be and lead singer/songwriter of "The 88"), David (of Sonoma and boyfriend of oldest niece, Mindy), Me (check out undescribable "jacket" of previous post), oldest niece Mindy, bride-to-be Juli-Ann, nephew and groom-to-be Brian, great-niece and all-around tall (getting-too-old) great-niece Ashley, younger (ha!) niece Jamie, and her thank-god-we-have-a-doctor-in-the-family husband, Jon

Front row: yes-that's-a-boo-boo-under-his-nose great nephew Zac, all-around awesome--puts-up-with-my-brother sister-in-law Polly, super-smart (must-have-got-the brains-from-my- side-of-the-family) Jake, paying-for-the-whole-shebang brother Barry, and finally, what can I say--the best parents in the whole, wide world: Daddy and Annie


DawnB said...

What a good looking family. Enjoy the wedding!

Brooke said...

Wow! How sweet is this!!!! It's so cool to put faces to the names of your family now!