Thursday, July 19, 2007

Movers and Shakers

Daphne Night! That's Jacqui Jacoby on the left and Elizabeth Dewey on the right.

And here's a photo of our annual Acme lunch. Missing from the picture this year: Kelly Ann Riley (Golden Heart Finalist). Apparently, Kelly was too busy SIGNING WITH HER NEW AGENT. Geesh. Some people just don't have their priorities straight.

Speaking of people with skewed priorities, here's author Roxanne St. Claire. See that shiny gold thing sitting in front of her? That's a Rita. She won it in the category of "Best Romantic Novella" for 'Tis the Silly Season' in A NASCAR Holiday. Roxi told me not once, but TWICE, how much she admired the dress I was wearing. Generous
person that I am, I offered to trade it for the Rita, but (can you imagine?) she refused.....those uppity award winners are so selfish, aren't they??

Finally, here are some FUTURE movers and shakers. That's me on the left, and the lovely-but freakishly-young-looking-for-her-age) Carol Burnside.


Roxanne St. Claire said...

Randy! What was I thinking? Obviously I was caught up in a moment of total Me-ness. Of *course* you can have my Rita for your fabulous gown. If you can pry her out of my cold, dead hands, she's yours!

Seriously, thanks for the lovely photo and the heads-up email. You met me at one of the happiest, most magical moments of my life. I think every writer -- heck, every woman -- should have one night like that in her career!

Hope we meet again soon!


Liz Falkner said...

What great commentary! LOL!! Seriously, you always make me laugh. I'm glad you had fun and made it through your pitch and scored a request! WTG!!

Thanks for posting the photos. Everyone looks so good.

Earl's not bad either!!