Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Potpourri

Spent the 4th of July like most die-hard American patriots: in front of the TV watching Project Runway's Season 3 marathon on Bravo.

I really need to get a life.

Thought you might enjoy seeing how an ex-pat celebrates our independence in...Peru...Chile...wherever the hell my step-bro is these days.

Yep, he's quite the patriotic guy, isn't he?

In writing news, I've had another of those epiphanies I'm so fond of, this one courtesy of the contest I'm currently judging. One of the entries is SO well-written, with TONS of voice, truly humorous situations...and yet...something is missing.

As I wrote notes on the manuscript, it came to me: the book is a series of (funny!) events which don't do anything but sit there. They don't escalate to anything...they don't subtly reveal anything about the underlying theme...they don't interconnect. They don't build.


Same problem with my WIP. ENOUGH with the scenes where someone's trying to off the heroine. Time to move on with a twist. Now if I can only figure out which one. Gonna try the plotting board again. Meanwhile, yep...I started another short story for TR. Aiming for another two-fer for October.

Next week, I fly off to Dallas for RWA's National Conference. looks like one party after another, sometimes overlapping. Enough to require a color-coded spreadsheet, I kid you not. That Brooke is quite the slave driver! To give you a preview, the parties include: Chick Lit chapter party, publicist party, Death by Chocolate party, publisher party, welcome party, awards party.....uh-oh...Looks like a serious need for shopping this weekend.

I'll be blogging from Dallas, so be sure to stay tuned!

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