Monday, July 16, 2007

Too Busy To Blog

Okay, I really need to get wi-fi on my laptop. That way I could have used all that annoying time spent waiting for planes to take off to catch y'all up on the rest of the conference.

In the meantime, you'll have to settle for hints on the upcoming highlights:

Stuff like...

The shoe debacle prior to my agent pitch appointment

How I nearly walked off with a Rita award (don't get excited; "walked off with" is the operative phrase)

How my favorite quote of the conference (spoken by me) was: "I need to step outside to use my cell phone to call my limo driver"

Updates on the continuing saga of "ants on a bed"

How I became agent Lucienne Diver's evil twin

Larissa Ione's scathingly gorgeous dress

The one WORD I heard in a workshop that could transform my writing altogether

Y' occurs to me that some people blogging from National provide really useful blog posts--complete with info on what publishers are looking for and other industry tips.

Not me.

I give you the entertaining stuff...stay tuned to learn who these feet belong to and why they're significant.

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