Saturday, July 07, 2007

What.A.Blast! ! ! !

And thank God for cell phones with photo-taking capability since, er, duh...the battery on my digital camera was finito.

First of all, the town of Fillmore is too cute. Like something from another era. And it turns out the train station is next to a winery. Bonus! We climbed steps onto the train, were directed to the right, where we passed first a bar, then an entire car devoted to a "dance club," then into the "Freedom Car" where linen-covered tables sat next to spacious windows with mini-blinds.

As we inched our way toward Santa Paula, the scene through the window reminded me of what southern California looked like when I was growing up. Nothing but miles and and miles of orange groves.

Inside, congruent with the "theme" of our journey, "the Fonz" stopped by to chat with the crowd while waiters delivered cheeseburgers, potato salad, and root beer floats. Too fun!

Once we arrived in Santa Paula, we were allowed to debark for an hour. Talk about more small town Americana! On the first Friday of each month, the main drag is closed off and given over to some of the coolest old cars you'll ever see. I even spotted a version of my very first car--a 1966 Mercury Cougar!

The time in Santa Paula was over way too soon, but the train was heading out, so we ambled back to our temporary home and arrived to find good ol' hot apple pie awaiting us. After scarfing it down, we congregated in the "dance club" and "rocked out" (okay, I'm lying here, I WATCHED) to some rousing oldies.

Folks, this couldn't have BEEN more fun! We can't WAIT to try some of their other themed trips--like the murder mystery tour! Woo Hoo!

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John said...

While you had your very boring trip, I got to sort my recycables, and haul them to the center. Probably took the same amount of time, but had to be far more exciting. Sigh.