Tuesday, July 31, 2007

That Blog Silence You Hear...

is the sound of me editing Leftovers. Yes, now that my third book is officially going out in the world, it's time to hack away. MAN.What a tedious process. I spent almost an entire weekend with my butt in the chair. (Yes, that means I didn't even go OUT on Friday night!! What is the world COMING to??)

See, here's the problem. La Nora is famous for saying: "You can't fix a blank page." Ergo, even when you're stuck, just write. Perfection can come later.

I'm starting to wish I'd spent more time being perfect from the get-go.

What's really weird is to spend hours on one scene--agonizing over every word, every phrase, every tag...then, getting to the next one and going: "Wow. What happened here? Not one change necessary." (Or, is it that I'm brain-dead from revising the previous scene?)

Anyway...in other news, I got a phone call today from the woman I submitted a short (and I mean SHORT) story to for a Christmas anthology. I'm still in the running...woo hoo!

And, I got an email the other day from the editor at True Romance, saying she definitely plans to use my latest submission. Double woo hoo!

Okay...back to editing (which is such a lie since I'm at my day job).

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