Friday, December 16, 2005

Another Gift Giving Idea

Okay, admit it. Someone on your Christmas list makes your blood boil so bad, you'd rather wrap up a dead frog than give them that bottle of perfume or that tie.

Y’all know who I’m talking about.

The mother-in-law who checks for dust on top of your ‘fridge.
The boss who makes you stay late on Christmas Eve.
The teacher who gave your son detention when all he did was throw ONE spitball.
The friend’s new boyfriend (who you KNOW is history after the holidays, i.e, after she collects the gifts).

Yep, I know the dead frog is tempting but (trust me on this) it's not really an option—no matter what kind of temporary insanity you might plead later.

That’s why I’m here, folks. To help you out with the perfect solution. (Good thing you read this blog, huh?)

In brief, the link below takes you to a site where you buy, in your recipient’s name, an animal for a poor family somewhere in the world. Depending on how much you wanna spend, you can buy a cow, a goat, some chickens—you get the picture. Read about it for yourself. These animals provide so much—whether it's milk, eggs, and/or fertilizer—THEN (and this is the coolest part) they manage to have offspring so, over time, your gift really divides and multiplies.

I’m telling you, you can’t miss. I dare anyone to sneer at such a wonderful gift.

So, click here now and give the female on your list a heifer and the man on it a goat.

Get it? A heifer to a woman, a goat to a male? Isn’t there an ironic bonus there?

(Shhh. Let’s keep that part to ourselves.)

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