Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Las Vegas Rio Update

I see y’all out there in blogsville, perched on the edge of your seats, nails bitten to the quick, waiting to hear the outcome of my New Year’s Eve dilemma.

So here’s the scoop.

I call the lovely Stacy this morning from my office. (In case you’re wondering why I waited, it’s because…well, I conduct all my personal business from there and yesterday I was too busy with stuff.) Anyway, I get Stacy’s voicemail which informs me she doesn’t work Tuesdays. Grrr. I can leave a message or ask the operator for a casino host.

I do the latter.

Pause, pause.

I’m put through to a guy who answers on a cel from his car. (?) I explain why I’m calling, stressing my objections to their “plan.”

He interrupts my rant with: “We offered to comp you for three nights.”

“No,” I correct him. “Stacey’s first call said three nights. Her second call said one. The point is, my friends are staying at your hotel and it will be seriously inconvenient for me to stay elsewhere.”

He proceeds to yank my chain. “Let me get your name, and when I get in I’ll talk to my boss. I’m sure Stacy’s got your number, and I’ll call you back within a couple hours.”

“Let me give you my daytime phone number then.”

He supposedly notes the number and we hang up.

Meanwhile, I start to think, holy crap. What if they truly offer to comp my entire stay? And throw in tickets to a party I hadn’t even planned on going to? (I mean, we’re talking serious money here.) So, I call my ringleader, Marty. He suggests I offer him and Ann as sacrifices too.

I wait for the guy’s callback (shoot, I forgot to get his name) and peruse first the Bally website, then the Rio. Damn. I start deciding I really, really, wanna stay at the Rio. It’s got that cool lounge way, way, up top with a terrace overlooking the city. I’m a sucker for a terrace with a view. The money savings are looking less attractive.

Ten o’clock turns into two, then three and four, and by five I leave my office. No word from the Rio, despite the promise.

I’m feeling like the layer of scum on the underbelly of one of their slot machines.

Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Carol B. said...

Yeah, time for round two. Stick to your guns!

Oh, and um... ask to speak to their supervisor. ;-)