Thursday, December 22, 2005

This Just In...

It’s official. I’m an idiot.

The good news is that I'm GUARANTEED not to lose RWA’s Golden Heart contest this year. The bad news is, I’m not entered at all.

Yep. DISqualified, thankyourverymuch. On account of my entry arrived a day late.

I opened RWA's letter last night and was dumfounded. And very certain heads would roll at Federal Express. When I got to my office, I hauled out the bill and looked at the pickup and delivery dates. Hm. Both a day later than they should be. Still mystified, I checked my blog (hey, having an on-line diary comes in HANDY!) and confirmed I’d shipped it out on the proper date.

Sadly, it’s my word against Fed Ex’s. Did the driver miss it? Or did I somehow drop it in the box too late?

At the office, we debated the pick-up time. Four-thirty, I said. Four-twenty, claimed my sister-in-law.


Turns out it says 4:00 these days.

Okay, so it’s possible my assistant dropped it off too late. But I could swear I had her take it early in the day.

Oh, well. Moot point.

Lesson: Take stuff that absolutely, positively, has to get there the next day, to the Federal Express office yourself.

But, like I say. You can’t lose a contest you’re not entered in, so maybe Fed Ex helped me out.


Carol B. said...

Maybe the asst didn't drop it off right away and doesn't want to admit it and that's why it shows picked up a day later.

randy said...

Yeah, I'm not ruling it out. But still...I could swear I remember one of them taking it early. And making a special trip of it. C'est la vie, eh?