Wednesday, December 14, 2005

For The Person On Your List Who's Got Everything

It’s available at Verizon wireless which is the only part of the ad that makes sense to me.

Splashed across a page of the LA Times this morning is a Brad Pitt lookalike sporting a pair of Oakley sunglasses with one of those phones attached that make you look like you've got a cricket growing out of your ear.

The copy reads (in part): “Oakley and Motorola bring you the first phone with UV protection.”

Um, excuse me? Has the ozone hole grown so large we now need to protect inanimate objects from melanoma?

The ad continues: “Introducing RAZRWIRE. With a Bluetooth headset that leaves your hands free for more sun-inspired activities. Here, sunglasses make phone calls.”

Um, excuse me? I wasn’t aware that my sunglasses were yearning to reach out and touch anyone.

They ARE kidding, aren’t they?

I feel like such a cavewoman.

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