Monday, December 19, 2005

So Tell Me How This Works

Friday, I get home to this message on my answering machine: “Hi, this is Stacy calling from the Rio in Las Vegas. Sorry, but we’re overbooked for New Year's Eve weekend. What we’d like to do is put you up at Bally’s, but don’t worry, we’ll honor the rate you had at the Rio.”

I stare at the phone.

Huh? How can they do that?

I go to my next message.

Stacy again. “Sorry, I forgot to tell you that we’ll comp one of your nights and give you free tickets to our party. Oh, and by the way, please be aware that your reservation does NOT guarantee a room here at the RIO so you may wanna accept this offer now instead of going through the inconvenience at check-in on the day of arrival.”


Let’s dissect this to the fullest, shall we?

First of all, “we’re overbooked for New Years Eve weekend.” And this is my fault how…?? Did I not make my reservation October 1st BEFORE they were overbooked? Could someone tell me what a reservation is for if not to reserve a room before they’re sold out?

Second, “What we’d like to do is put you up at Bally’s.” And I guess it doesn’t matter that the rest of my party (who DID NOT RECEIVE THIS PHONE CALL) will be blocks away at a different hotel??

Third, “We’ll give you the same rate you had at the Rio.” Gee, thanks. I just looked up Bally’s on Expedia, and although they’re “sold out” on Friday and Saturday night so I can’t see the rate, Sunday night is available for $230 LESS than I’m paying at the Rio, so there’s a real bargain, huh? Even if they comp a night, they make out fine.

But the worst is that last line. That THREAT, really. That no matter what I say, I’m not guaranteed a room. Now, I know (because I’ve been told this at other Harrah’s properties) that guaranteeing your room with a credit card means shit. Basically, it only works the other way—you’re guaranteeing THEM that you’re gonna show up, and if you don’t, they charge your credit card.

But, hey listen. I understand that business is business, and that I’m not totally savvy on how the hotel industry works. I can understand the concept of overselling one property and then making an offer to reroute guests to the other one. But only on a voluntary basis…not with the threat they threw out in that last line.

Particularly because….


That’s right. I paid for the first night on October 10…TWO MONTHS ago. And they have the NERVE to tell me I’m not guaranteed a room at the Rio? What exactly did I pay for then?



John said...

I think you should go through the inconvenience of them personally explaining to you why you paid for a room that you no longer have, along with your friends who have rooms. Otherwise, they are getting away without any sweating on their part.

Carol B. said...

I agree with John. Maybe let the manager explain it to you. Ever here the old adage "the squeeky wheel gets the grease"? Start squeeking. What you wanna bet they've told a crapload of people this, knowing some will rant until they have to fulfill the original obligation.

Won't hurt to try.

Carol B. said...
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randy said...

The truth is, I'm staying relatively calm because I don't believe in the end, they'd really boot me over to the other hotel unless I accepted their offer. Still, it pisses me off to have to play their game. Wait until I threaten them with bad publicity on my blog!!! :)